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    Product Information:
    At present, special fiber woven carpet as a new type of environmental protection products has been widely used in foreign markets. The domestic economy, technology and other conditions have not been placed in the market. Companies rely on their own woven product design, production and sales for many years experience and advanced technology, after years of research and development to become the world's one of the few special fiber woven carpet production of professional manufacturers. The special fiber woven carpet registered by Bolong boron has been patented in overseas and China, and all products have been sold well in European and American home market. The product itself conforms to the domestic environmental indicators, is the current environmental protection carpet mainstream products.
    The floor mat of special fiber braid carpet is treated also can be used for metope shop outfit, make the color of interior decoration and adornment effect more natural, unified. We have successfully recommended this new eco-friendly product to hospitals, governments, schools and public places.
    Ii. Product features.
    At present, the mainstream of environmental protection carpet in addition to recyclable, non-toxic and non-toxic characteristics, the use of more must be functional. Taking special fiber woven carpet as an example, its performance has a great advantage over traditional carpet.
    Excellent waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-skid. Special woven materials and honeycomb closure structures make special fiber carpet moisture-proof and impermeable. Combined with the special weaving process and bottom cushion special non-slip surface processing, make the product more suitable for the use of public places and family, especially the SPA, swimming pool, bathroom and other places of hydrophilic, its superior performance is any one farming material cannot match.
    Easy to clean, low maintenance cost. Smear dust only stay in the surface of the ground material, only need a simple care, or clean water can be use a vacuum cleaner, cleaner, no need professional cleaning personnel and equipment, can keep more without waxing polishing is ever new, so the traditional carpet maintenance cost to save a lot of manpower and material resources.
    It is durable. Special fiber woven carpet has strong impact resistance. The traditional carpet is easy to absorb dust and oil, even if it is washed regularly, the service life is only 3 to 5 years, but special fiber woven carpet can be used for 15 years or so.
    Strong anti-pollution ability. And wool fiber carpet susceptible to water damage, stains, compared to the carpet will not absorb liquid, the fouling resistance is strong, also won't shed hair, not like traditional carpet so susceptible to mites and pollute the environment.
    Low flame retardant. Special fiber woven carpet achieves flame retardant B1 (cf1) level.
    Sound insulation, good insulation performance. Because the surface of special fiber carpet is the concave and convex shape that is made by fine filaments, it is more conducive to the ground noise absorption and partition. The bottom pad is a honeycomb closed hole structure, which is more effective in ensuring the advantages of the product in the heat preservation and energy saving, and the thermal insulation effect is much higher than other materials.
    It has a soft texture and good elasticity. Special fiber woven carpet can absorb the pressure on the knee joint during walking, relieve the fatigue of the knee joint, and experience the obvious comfortable and comfortable soft feet.
    Strong performance and dimension stability. Special fiber woven carpet added high strength polyester core, through special craft processing, makes the product has good stability, suitable for all kinds of harsh conditions on the ground, even heavier ground moisture can long-term stable size and performance.
    Low special fiber is easy to dyeing, weaving a carpet can have rich color change, and color fastness is stronger, special fiber carpet can be used by different colour and prepare the way, producing thousands of even more designs and varieties, and through the control of the dye quality to reduce the environmental impact of products.
    The weaving layer and floor mat adopt one - time fusion molding, do not crack, and when the floor is full, it is not easy to warp. Special fiber woven carpet is made of environmentally friendly materials and will not induce skin allergy. Compared with other PVC products, the use of petroleum is greatly reduced.
    It does not breed mould. The test method for the propagation of mold in the time of exercise was observed. Results: special fiber carpet can inhibit mold growth for a long time.
    It has extremely strong antibacterial properties.
    Non-toxic and harmless environmental protection products. General floor will inevitably contain a certain amount of formaldehyde, but the formaldehyde content of special fiber woven carpet is less than international standard.
    In addition, special fiber woven carpets can also be woven according to customer requirements. For example, the anti-uv carpet for outdoor design is more durable and waterproof, and it is the best choice for the surrounding area, yacht and home terraces. There are also anti-static electricity, electric insulation performance of special carpets, specially designed for swimming pool, toilet and other special environment.